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About Electric City:

At Electric City, our unwavering dedication is to cater to your unique needs and desires. Our primary aim is to streamline the process, ensuring you achieve not just satisfactory but exceptional results, whether it's a minor circuit addition or a comprehensive electrical system overhaul. With a single call, watch your electrical concerns vanish!

The cornerstone of our operations is the cultivation of lasting relationships through negotiated contracts, predominantly for substantial projects. These enduring partnerships are the backbone of our enterprise. Meanwhile, a substantial portion of our smaller-scale projects comes to us through referrals, a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

During our office hours, your calls will always be answered by a live person, not a cold, automated system. We're here to provide a personal and responsive touch to your electrical needs.

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The Inside Wireman’s job is to distribute and connect the customer’s electrical equipment to the source of power. The Inside Wireman installs and maintains all of the various types of electrical systems found in commercial and industrial facilities. Equipment used may include lighting, receptacles, motors, heating equipment, and systems that control the operation of all of a facility’s energy usage. 



The Residential Wiremen, like the Inside Wireman, installs the systems that distribute power from the point of entry in a building to the equipment within a building that uses that power. The difference between the Inside Wireman and the Residential Wireman is that, while the Inside Wireman is performing electrical work in commercial and industrial facilities, the Residential Wireman is performing and maintaining the electrical systems in homes and other types of residential installations. 



Industrial electricians are technical professionals who install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment. They ensure safety by observing the local, state, and national electrical-code regulations that pertain to their work. 


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